Wireless AC is all the rage

Wireless AC is all the rage


So the way it worked was wireless A, anb B lived short lives, and G dominated the world. Actually wireless G still pretty much dominates the world, but N is right their behind it catching up. AC was released not too long ago, and is really catching on given the insane speed increases you get from it.

Now before you say it… Yes we know wired is always the fastest but AC is so fast, and processes so little latency it is pretty much a good enough replacement for any wired set-up if wires are an issue.

Wireless AC also has some great features like Beamforming. This feature boosts the signal in the direction of the connected device.

Now talking hard numbers the N standard at max would put you around 900Mbps but on average the N user would see around 450Mbps. The AC standard starts out at 1300Mbps and goes up to 1900Mbps and probably faster. Thats a big increase.

While you could try to stream 4k on G it might not work that well, and should work okay on N. AC however lives for these high data rates allowing for perfect in-house streaming of video.

If you can afford AC and you need an upgrade than you should get AC and not compromise yourself with N or G. AC does cost more so if costs are your driving force than G or N might suffice and if your not doing very heavy data usage than G will suit your needs if your gaming than N might be better.

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