RAM (Random Access Memory)

The stuff that makes your computer run fast!


RAM or Random Access Memory is an essential computer component that one cannot forget or else the computer will not run. One should also consider the speed of the ram they pick as certain motherboards in conjunction with certain processors are only capable of achieving certain speeds. Ram comes in a few different types so you got to always double check the type your motherboard accepts before buying ram. You should also be aware that certain operating systems have a maximum they can utilize and motherboards also have a limit. Your motherboard when buying it should clearly tell you under specifications how much ram it can take maximum. One more thing to consider is DDR stands for Double Data Rate so when you get your 1300mhz ram and it reads 750mhz or something similar you take that value and double it. Just a little known fact that not so many people know and get confused and say things like “My ram is not running at full speed.” when in fact it is.

RAM Types

RAM of course comes in all shapes and sizes. The most commonly used and popular are DDR, DDR2, and DDR3. Other ram types are such as the smaller SODIMM are found in laptops. Most computers these days have DDR2 or DDR3 in them and much older ones just plain old DDR.

The Difference Between DDR2 & DDR3


Looking at the picture above you will see that the clear difference is simply the notch position. So this makes it impossible to put the wrong type of ram into your computer. This can also cause a headache if you purchase the wrong type of ram and might cause you to damage your motherboard and rendering the ram useless if you force it.

How to tell what type of ram I have?

Well this is really easy actually all you need is a program called CPU-Z or another one which is my personal favorite called Speccy. Both program are 100% free, and will tell you exactly the type of ram you have. What it will not tell you is how much capacity your board can handle so you can find this out by seeing what type of motherboard you have based on what the program(s) tell you. You could alternatively just open your case and see if the name of the board is written on it.

If you want to buy some ram as always I suggest Amazon they got some of the best prices around! Also while searching Amazon some brands I recommend for gaming are Vengeance (Crosair) and GSkill their products are gaming oriented and usually run astonishing speeds. Kingston also makes some gaming edition DDR3 sticks that work very well they go by the name Hyper X. Crucial also has their Ballistix Sport series which are intended for high performance gaming systems.

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