Power Supplies (PSU)

PSU (Power Supply Unit)


A brief overview about how to choose a good PSU.

A good PSU is essential to a good running computer, and if you ever wish to get more hardware or power powerful hardware you will want a PSU that is ready to supply enough power to your system. For an above average gaming build on a budget around 750~800 watts is usually sufficient enough to run a system optimally without putting so much load on the PSU that it could burn it out. Their are an endless amount of companies that produce PSUs but not all are made equal

A PSU will come in one of four flavors

  • 80 Plus Platinum
  • 80 Plus Gold
  • 80 Plus Bronze
  • 80 Plus Certified

The 80 means 80% of the power coming from the wall will be outputted throughout your system. The different levels of 80 mean for more stable voltages across the “rails”, less heat generated, and an overall more stable system. When buying a PSU you should always go for one that says 80+ otherwise you might not be getting a very efficient PSU.

Here are a few PSU manufacturers that have a good reputation:

  • Corsair
  • Cool Master
  • Rosewill
  • EVGA
  • Cougar
  • Antec
  • Thermaltake (Mixed Reviews)
  • Seasonic

There exist many more PSU companies, but we recommend going for the ones we listed if your trying to build a quality system. If your just needing a really cheap inexpensive PSU than hope on over to Amazon and you can pick one up for around twenty bucks or less.

As mentioned though while you might be short on cash going for a cheap power supply unit could definitively ruin your day as it could be extremely loud, inefficient or worse fry your system! As as always refer back to the list of power supply unit manufacturers that we listed to see who you can trust.

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