A CPU is the heart of your computer

CPU: Central Processing Unit


 Cheaper | More Cores | High Speeds

More Expensive | Less Cores | High Speeds | Top of the line performance

Choosing the right CPU can be difficult when their are a lot of choices among the two companies Intel and AMD. To keep things to the point Intel out performs AMD even though they have less cores. This is because while AMD is pumping out the high performance CPU models with plenty of cores most applications do not utilize eight cores. This is where Intel works best less cores, but better performance. The major downside to Intel though is Intel cost at least 50% more than AMD. So be mindful when choosing what CPU type will be used with your motherboard. Another important thing to consider when buying a motherboard is make sure that the motherboard can accept the appropriate socket type of the processor you want. Just because it is a motherboard that takes AMD Processor’s does not mean that it will take your CPU. So always check the socket type to make sure your motherboard can accept the processor your trying to put in it. AM2 and AM2+ are NOT the same thing. Sometimes a motherboard will accept multiple socket types leaving room for a possible upgrade or giving you multiple choices.

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  1. Although AMD Athlon processors are manufactured
    to have lower hewat production, cooling
    fans will help cool the processors more effectivelly especially if you plan to over-clock
    your CPU. These power savings come despite using the same 32nm
    manufacturing process as last year’s Llano chips.
    AMD wrks collaboratively with Mixrosoft and other partners to
    achieve compatibility of AMD proocessors and to expand the capability of software and hardwar products leveraging AMD64 technology.
    Discontinued Models Manufacturers typically have different portable
    computer computers thast failed to sell. AMD
    and itss partnes strongly recommend that users continuue to use third party anti-virus software as part of their security strategy.

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