Computer Cases

Computer Cases

The foundation of your build.


Computer cases come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing that can always be assured is that they all have certain size standards they must abide by or no one will buy their case because nothing will fit properly if at all. When choosing a case you have to decide on a few factors and that is the purpose and how well it will work for the future when you decide to add or upgrade, and know when its time to get a new case. You in theory never need a new case if it has plenty of bays for hard drives and plenty of bays for disc drives, and what not because motherboards have the latest ports built into them. So even if your case is an ATX case from 1995 it is still useful because though you might have some really old outdated USB 1.0 ports on the front your motherboard and whats inside is really what counts.

Airflow in a computer case is important


Many young and sometimes veteran computer builders really underestimate the power of good airflow. Sure you can liquid cool and do all that fancy stuff but unless your going crazy with pushing your hardware to it’s limits fans and heat sinks will do the job just fine assuming you have proper airflow and don’t deprive your computer of adequate cool air to enter the case.

Cheaper is not always better


While we are not talking about as cheap as this guy went we mean buying a computer case that is $10~$20. The reason for this is because usually they are of very thin design and can easy bend and possibly collapse given enough weight is on it. I made this mistake a few years ago when I purchased a very cheap ATX case from Newegg. Against the negative reviews I ordered it due to my budget… This was a huge mistake. The case arrived had sharp corners and I could probably deform the entire case to a ball of metal with my bar hands. It looked good that was about it. Going for a case that is around thirty to eighty dollars will be your best bet with getting a computer case. If anything go down to your local pawn shop and see if they have any computers for sale at a cheap price or any computer cases for sell at a cheap price. You can gut the old computer parts out of it and sell them on eBay or what not, and put in your new parts and before you know it you have built yourself a sleeper. A sleeper is a computer that looks like a piece of crap but performs like a champion. So when you go looking online at all those fancy computer cases don’t forget about the old ones found down the street or on Craigslist as you might be able to save some money when looking for a computer case.

Some really useful sites that I recommend if your not up to the task of building your own computer are Amazon their are plenty of gaming computers that sell on their at competitive prices.

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