AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)


AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

Advance Micro Devices is a processor manufacturing creating some of the worlds best, bang for the buck CPU’s. AMD tends to push more towards creating processors that have more cores, and higher clock speeds than Intel does. This however does not mean an AMD with higher speeds, and more cores will out perform and Intel processor in every way. AMD is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calinfornia. AMD acquired ATI on July,  2006 and now produces both graphics cards, and processors. AMD also produces CPUs that now have GPUs unified into one with the ability to work together with an additionally installed GPU assuming it is listed to be compatible with the CPU for this purpose.

So the ultimate question is which is better. If that question had a clear answer I suppose one of these companies would have already gone out of business. AMD is cheaper with great products, but not everything runs as well on their CPU’s as you would imagine since not everything is optimized for the sheer amount of cores AMD usually has, but in the future the tides will turn and AMD will be the best as programs become more optimized for CPUs with more cores. Intel is more expensive but has some of the best performing CPUs on the market. While they don’t exactly have 8 and 12 core CPU selling like hotcakes their definitively working on the here and now making their CPUs more expensive than AMD from every angle.

Ultimately I would go with Advanced Micro Devices simply for the value compared to Intel I am a gamer by all means but I’m not about to spend seven hundred dollars on a CPU. My entire gaming rig that can play Battlefield 4 perfectly was less than seven hundred dollars with a AMD set-up.

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